Marriage Therapy & Relationship Counselling Canberra

We tailor our marriage psychologist counselling services in Canberra to you and your partner’s personal needs, goals and financial situation. We employ the most effective couple and marriage therapies for reducing conflict, restoring trust and respect, improving communication, and promoting greater harmony and intimacy in a marriage or couple relationship.

We help couples understand the emotional sources of their disharmony and conflict, how these are expressed and how each person in the couple is affected by and contributes to resulting negative interpersonal cycles. By helping couples recognize these dynamics and experience their interactions in a new way, we help remove feelings of guilt, blame and isolation to help foster restorative emotional attachment experiences that remove barriers and enhance greater intimacy and closeness. Our approach to marriage counselling in Canberra is different in that we tailor our approach to the personalities of the couple and provide in the session restorative emotional attachment experiences that foster intimacy and closeness outside the sessions.

What We Can Offer You

Jacqui and Laura both provide individual counselling for adults and adolescents.  Jacqui also provides relationship counselling (click on Contact for details) whereas Laura has a special interest in (and lots of resources for) working with children. Jacqui is also experienced in workplace mediation, and other work-group interventions - please contact her to discuss further.  

Both practitioners are also experienced in designing and delivering corporate training - please contact Jacqui to discuss further.

We also offer some psychometric testing and psychological assessment services, including medico-legal reporting - contact us for further information.

Both practitioners are Medicare registered to provide counselling services under the Commonwealth Government's 'Better Outcomes in Mental Health Care' Program. This means that if you have a "GP Mental Health Treatment Plan" from your doctor, you can currently claim back $84.80  ($106.55 for home-based sessions) from Medicare out of the costs of each GP recommended session, to a maximum of ten sessions per calendar year.  Medicare claims can be processed on-site using your Medicare card and our Medicare Easyclaim EFTPOS facility.

Due to the increasing costs of practice, and the Medicare 'freeze' on rebates, we are no longer able to offer bulk billing.  However, in extraordinary circumstances of severe financial hardship, we are willing to negotiate a fee which is affordable to you - please contact us to discuss further before making an appointment.

Both practitioners are also authorised providers with most private health insurers, so if you have the appropriate level of private health insurance cover, you may be able to claim part or all of the fees through that policy. Check with your insurer regarding the extent to which you'll be covered (every one of them is different!). 

Please note, private health insurance claims cannot be made concurrently with Medicare claims (called "double dipping").



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