Laura Summerfield


Psychologist in Canberra - Laura Summerfield

Hello, my name is Laura Summerfield and after many years as an affiliate of this practice, I have  joined the JMA Psychology Canberra team to work out of its offices at both Fyshwick and Belconnen, ACT.

I enjoy counselling work with adults, and have a special interest in working with children.

Over the past 11 years, I have worked as a Psychologist in: a secondary school, a community health centre and a community service organisation.

At present, I work as a Counsellor with students at the University of Canberra, as well as in private practice. As well as being a registered Psychologist, I am a Medicare Provider, able to assist those with Mental Health Care Plans from their GP.

My journey in Psychology began in the 1970s with study at the University of Adelaide (with an Honours degree in Psychology, 1974) and work in a community welfare setting, but then took a refreshing diversion into community arts work (the CAT team), folk music performance at schools and festivals (Folk Alive) radio production and presenting (Acoustic Soup), parenting, postgraduate study and work in schools as a teacher (Coffs Harbour area).

 Along the way, I completed a Masters in Steiner Education from UNE (awarded 1998) and raised 3 delightful children, now adults growing families of their own.

 My understanding of the individual and their life journey is informed by these diverse life experiences and by Anthroposophy and the biography or life story work that has grown out of this philosophy. It is a joy to assist adults to make sense of their unique gifts and challenges.

 I love working with children, and have found that an arts-based and activity-based approach builds rapport and understanding, and provides a context for effective counselling.

 Over the years, I have explored a wide range of therapies and gained skills in a number of different approaches, and I would now describe my approach as eclectic and holistic. My goal is to draw from my knowledge and understanding to meet the differing needs of individuals at different life stages.

 As the years go by, I continue to appreciate the resilience of the individual facing life’s challenges, and I seek to provide assistance as needed. I welcome connecting with those who want to share part of their journey with me.